Thursday, February 15, 2007

Orange County's Luxury Granite & Tile Professional

As I am new to blogging I hope you will be patient with me. In the coming weeks I want to introduce you to myself and my line of work. My name is Jamal and I take my artwork with natural stons, (granite, marble and mosaic tiles) very seriously. More than 80% of my business comes from referrals, so if you have a new job for granite or tile installation give me a call at 714.293.3631.

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Hi, Everybody!
Many people often asked what color are applied for kitchen granite countertop and bathroom vanity top. I would like to say you can choose you like. AL Granite has more than one hundred color for kitchen and bathroom decoration.
But I would like to say different countries and different people like different color.
Today, We talk about American people like natural crazy beautiful color. for example, they like gallio cecilia, butterfly green,emerald green,gaillo forito,river yellow,crystal yellow,golden peach, almond mauve,china green for thier countertop and vanity top.
I found these are color are really beautiful, I like it.

Anonymous said...

Granite has developed from a largely structural material to a stone that has numerous applications, this could be used in your kitchens as Kitchen Worktops to make the interiors more beautiful.